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Eight Activities at the Amador Causeway

One of Panama City's most well-known thoroughfares is the Amador Causeway (Calzada de Amador), which is home to some of the finest tourist destinations and activities in the whole nation. Learn more about the Causeway, including the top eight things to do while you're there, by continuing to read.

This 6-kilometer-long, one-lane road, which is named after Manuel Amador Guerrero, the country's first president, extends out into the Pacific Ocean where the sea meets the Panama Canal. This land bridge was constructed utilizing excavated dirt and boulders during the canal's construction and was just recently upgraded. The four little islands that make up the Causeway Islands are connected to the mainland by the Amador Causeway. The Causeway offers some amazing views. On one side, you look back over the bay to the city; on the other side, the mouth of the canal with boats of all sizes and the "Bridge of the Americas"; and at the end you see all the ships lined up waiting for their turn to make the transit across the isthmus on the canal and the Islands of Taboga and Saboga a few mile out. The bike and jogging trail that runs beside the road is also popular with these users.

What is there to do on the Amador Causeway of Panama City?

The eight activities listed below will give you an exciting and/or fulfilling day at the Amador Causeway:

Dining at Mi Ranchito

On weekends, this well-known eatery on Isla Naos is crowded to the brim with people who come to take advantage of the stunning views, exciting ambiance, and mouthwatering menu of Panamanian cuisine. Order the ‘yucca frita’ (fried yuca) or ‘patacones’ (fried plantain) with your Delicious fresh fish, or you can have potato fries if you prefer. Ceviches, a variety of fish, and seafood soup are some of Mi Ranchito's other house specialties.

Lie in the sun in La Playita

The Beach House, which is situated between the islands of Isla Perico and Isla Naos, has a bar and a pool area where you can soak up some sun. You may access the beach and pool by paying the cover fee ($10 at the time of writing). Weekends around sunset, a DJ sets up and performs for your delight if you're searching for a fun night. Regular theme evenings are also held at The Beach House.

Buy items at Centro Artesanal.

Avoid missing the entrance to the city's largest artisan market by turning right only 400 meters before the Biomuseo and keeping an eye out for the handwritten sign that reads "Centro Artesanal." But don't let the dilapidated façade fool you; as you go inside, you'll be astounded by the endless rows of stalls packed with handmade goods. You may discover jewelry, Embera baskets, animal masks, embroidered cloth, Panama hats, and much more.

Kuna Lady selling traditional 'molas'.
Kuna Lady selling traditional 'molas'.

The Causeway is great for cycling

Cycling in Panama City is presently most popular on the recently refurbished Causeway. Everyone, from road racing enthusiasts to young children riding training cycles, will enjoy some fresh air and sunshine thanks to the bike lanes that cover the whole length of the route. There are numerous bike hire shops that also rent electric scooters. Hiring a four-seater pedal car is very popular and a great activity to include children and get some exercise at the same time.

There is also the "Amador Bike Park". the four major parts of include a downhill route with jumps, an indoor park for wet days, a trick track, and a 4 km mountain bike course that takes experienced riders all the way up the hill of Isla Perico for breathtaking views of Panama City.

A pedal car for hire at the Causeway
A pedal car for hire at the Causeway

Visit the Biomuseo

The Biomuseo is a must-see whether or not you enjoy visiting museums. The museum was constructed by American architect Frank Gehry,who was born in Canada. The Biomuseo has eight exhibition halls with interactive displays that let visitors learn about the cultures, geology, and natural history of Panama. Did you realize that this little nation boasts more animal, bird, and insect species than all of Canada and the United States combined?

The multi-colored building of the Bio Museo (center of image)
The multi-colored building of the Bio Museo (center of image)

Visit the Punta Culebra Nature Center

There is a wonderful nature center financed by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Center at Punta Culebra, which is on Isla Naos along the Amador Causeway.

It has an indoor aquarium, touching pools, a turtle and shark pool, and sloths in the trees above. This modest open-air museum aims to highlight the nation's distinctive flora and wildlife. There is also an indoor center with videos and displays explaining many aspects of wildlife and natural phenomenon in the region.

Have a Stand-Up Paddle Board Lesson, or Hire One

Take a SUP class early in the morning when the sun is rising over the city and the water in Panama Bay is the calmest. Paddle boarders with more expertise can paddle out to Isla Flamenco and return while beginners are given a tour of the marina. When it's time for your lesson, which is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 am to 8:00 am, you'll leave La Playita Pool Bar. Your lesson must be scheduled and paid for in advance. You can get lessons for beginners, advanced, or kids, and you can rent SUP boards by the hour. You must book and pay in advance -

Go Fishing with the Locals

If you want to try your hand at fishing, bring your equipment and head over to Isla Naos' fishing platform, which is located right before the Canal Pilot's pier. The platform is raised over the water on concrete piles, just of the Causeway cycle and jogging trail. Fishermen of various ages and abilities congregate here to attempt to catch their dinner. If you don't have access to equipment, you may still take in the sights of the ships as they approach the canal.

Visitor center at Isla Flamenco
Visitor center at Isla Flamenco

What Else?

There is plenty more at the Causeway. You might be interested to go to the visitor center on Isla Flamenco and visit its duty free shops. You hang out in one of the restaurants overlook the Isla Flamenco Marina and the white yachts moored there.

You can go to the shops, restaurants, and hire shops on Isla Perico. There, you will also find a go-kart racing track at peak times, where you can rent a car and have a go.

With sights all around and fresh air, The Amador Causeway is a great place to spend some time.

Flamenco Marina
Flamenco Marina

Have You Heard?

The Amador Causeway was well-known for being the location of Manual Antonia Noriega's secret clubhouse during his time as a cocaine smuggler.


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